My Favorite Writings

I would like to introduce you to the quality of my work by sharing with you samples of writing and photography (unless otherwise noted):
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Newsletter Article

Everybody Loves MomEverybody Loves MOM is an article written for In a Nutshell. It describes an incredible public service organized by the Virginia Dental Association and funded by the Obici Healthcare Foundation. I wrote this article, conducted interviews with the foundation’s executive director and the association’s project director. I was responsible for taking the photograph.

Ad Copy for Advertisement

Dental Voucher Program advertisement is a shortened version of a full-page spread that appeared in the Suffolk News Herald’s Inspired Health magazine and a rack card that is left in medical and dental practices to promote free emergency dental care for persons without dental insurance.

Foundation Grant Writing

The Up CenterThe Up Center: Helping Fill the Gap in Western Tidewater describes a foundation grant responsible for increasing and sustaining several behavioral health practitioners in Western Tidewater. I developed a story by interviewing key leaders at The Up Center. The agency provided the photograph.

Annual Report Writing

Foot Care Management was written to help increase the number of diabetic foot care referrals to the EVMS diabetes center of Western Tidewater. The EVMS contact and I coordinated interviews with a podiatrist, patient, and the center’s medical director. I took the photograph of the patient and physician.

Foot Care Annual Report  Foot Care Annual Report Article  Foot Care newsletter article

Newsletter Article

Dental Patient fights cancer articleDental Patient Fights Cancer with a Smile describes a service given to a patient at the Horizon Health Ivor Family Dental Center. The look on her face in the photograph communicates how pleased she was with the service. She is a skin cancer survivor whose treatment for a cancerous lesion on her face resulted in extensive dental work. I was responsible for taking the picture of the patient and dentist.

I always circled back with clients and the resource persons mentioned in publications to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information being presented. This practice prevents retractions and makes sure titles and spellings of names are correct.

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Rick Spencer, President
CA Wordsmith